Top beauty products going into next year

Liquid lipstick and lip gloss

Conclusion paragraph: Liquid lipsticks and glosses are coming back in full force. The best beauty products for the new year will be those that make your skin look fresh, youthful, and radiant without feeling like you’ve got a thick layer of product on. Lip gloss is making its reappearance as well with more of a matte finish to give lips some shine while still looking natural and not greasy or sticky.

Liquid blush

Liquid blush is a new trend that has been hitting the market this year and it’s not going anywhere. If you’re looking for an easy, quick way to enhance your makeup routine then liquid blush is perfect! All you need to do is swipe on some color and blend with your fingers or a brush. This product can be used on its own or in conjunction with other products. You no longer have to worry about applying too much powder because it blends nicely into skin tones without leaving any residue. It’s also super easy to touch up throughout the day if you want a little more color! There are so many brands out there but I personally love Benefit Cosmetics because they offer such natural colors that look great with any skin tone!

Nude and matte eyeshadows

Nude and matte eyeshadows are the go-to for many makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and editors this year. Why? They’re versatile! You can use these shades to create a variety of looks from natural to dramatic with just one palette. What’s more, they’re perfect for all skin tones since they tend to be on the lighter side. Nude and matte eyeshadows create drama on your face with a mixture of pearl finish eye shadows and browns or bronzes.

Glitter eyeshadows

Glitter ayeshadows trend was huge this past holiday season, and it’s sure to be one that will stick around well. The best way to do glitter eyeshadow is by using an eye primer or base because it helps the product last longer throughout the day without creasing or smearing. Try applying a thin layer of liquid eyeliner before putting on the eyeshadow so you can create a dramatic winged look; finish off with mascara and you’re good to go!

Bold nails

Bold nails are the hottest trend going. Whether you have a natural, polished look or go for a dark and edgy vibe, we’ve got everything you need to get your perfect manicure! If you want rich colors that scream “fun”, try Essie’s ‘Inked In Pink’ or China Glaze’s ‘Lucky Clover’. For those who prefer something more subtle, there is OPI’s ‘I’m Not Really A Waitress’, which was inspired by the Broadway musical of the same name. You can also always rock classic reds like Chanel’s ‘Cerise Red’ with its deep berry hue and gold shimmering particles suspended in it.

Mink false lashes

The best beauty products are just getting started. With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all of your upcoming event-going and party nights. Makeup is a great way to make yourself feel beautiful and confident for any occasion, but what if you want something more? That’s where false lashes come in! A quick swipe of mascara can give you that extra oomph for an evening out or date night with bae, but nothing beats adding some dramatic mink false lashes to really wow them at first sight.