The Best Hairstyles & Cuts For Your Face Shape

Oval shape

Conclusion paragraph: With the right makeup, care and haircut you can improve your face shape. Oval shapes are considered to be good-looking because they have a balanced symmetry of features that include round cheeks, sharp jawlines and a narrow chin. You may not know what your facial shape is but here are some tips for every type so you better understand how to dress it up or down depending on where you’re going. So if you want an oval shaped head with a strong jawline make sure to wear bangs at least half an inch away from your eyebrows when possible as this will help soften them out even more! For those who have elongated faces- go for shorter hairstyles that give weight around the cheekbones and temples while highlighting.

Round shape

With round faces come a variety of looks! For example, you can wear your hair in an undercut that transitions into a full head of blunt cut—this style is great for showing off gorgeous cheekbones and enhancing those amazing eyes. There are also bangs as long as they’re not too heavy or voluminous which creates shadows on the face. If you want even more volume, try cutting layers that all start about two inches above the hairline so they sweep up to create tons of curl while preventing too much weight at the crown.

Heart Shape

Conclusion paragraph: The heart shape is very similar to the oval face, except that it has a more defined jaw line. A good haircut for this hair type would be long layers with heavy bangs and a side swept fringe if you want your forehead to look wider. You can also try adding waves or curls for some texture so your locks don’t fall flat. Highlights are great on these types of faces too because they draw attention away from any facial flaws like acne scars or noticeable lines around the mouth and eyes. If you have an oily skin tone, go with matte makeup instead of shimmery ones as there will be less shine overall in order to minimize oil production. For eye makeup, stick with neutral shades like browns and blacks.

Square shape

If you have a square shaped face, then the best hairstyles are ones that draw attention away from your forehead and chin. You can achieve this by wearing bangs or adding layers to your hair so it falls over your forehead and down the rest of your face. If you want to add volume without much weight, try teasing the crown area with volumizing products before blow drying hair upside down. This will make for an easier morning routine! Another option is to wear side swept bangs which are flattering on any shape of face because they cut across angles and create a softer look around the cheekbones. Lastly, if you’re looking for something more permanent than temporary fixes like extensions or clips at home, consider getting some highlights done.