Common Makeup Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Skin

Not cleansing regularly

Cleaning your face is an essential part of skin care, but not cleansing it every day can actually be beneficial for the skin. The natural oils produced by our bodies are better for keeping your skin hydrated and protected from external elements than water alone. So when it comes to cleaning your face, less may actually be more!
The key is finding a balance between being too clean and not clean enough. Once or twice a week should do the trick!

Sleeping with makeup on

It’s shocking to think that many people sleep with makeup on. It may seem harmless when you’re in bed, but there are a number of reasons why it’s not the best idea. One is that sleeping with makeup on can lead to breakouts and clogged pores. Your skin needs time to rest and heal; don’t put anything else on top of it! Secondly, your pillowcase will absorb all those oils from your face and make it so much harder to wash them out! Finally, some cosmetics like mascara can actually be bad for your lashes as they dry out overnight! So let this be a warning: do not sleep in any type of makeup or beauty products before washing your face thoroughly first thing in the morning.

Not washing makeup brushes

I know you’re thinking: “I wash my makeup brushes every week!” But what are the chances that you’re actually doing it right? If you don’t have time to read this entire article, here’s the summary. Makeup brush cleaner is a must-have for your beauty routine. You should be cleaning your brushes about once a month, and deep cleaning them at least twice a year with shampoo and water or other products (such as makeup brush cleaner). This will help get rid of all those pesky germs! I hope this was helpful!

Sharing cosmetic products and tools

Know how to revive your skin with moisturizing masks and serums? Then it’s time you knew our share-worthy beauty salon tips. Old-school spa treatments are making a comeback, as the latest makeover craze is reviving features that mother nature forgot. Consider these lightening masks for those tired winter blues. Is old makeup stopping you from getting new job interviews? Let us update your tools with concealer palettes and face sponges before giving way to balms for lips, cuts, scraps, or blemishes–trust us because we see what beautiful things happen over here!

Using expired products

Ever get the feeling that you’re using your products too quickly? It’s time to take a pause and think about whether or not it’s time to replace them. For instance, did you know that mascara can be used for up to three months after opening, but most people toss their tubes after just two weeks? The same goes with lipstick; some formulas will last up to 18 months! So don’t go tossing out those old products because they might still have life left in them. And if you ever feel like your skin care regimen is getting boring, check out these tips on how to switch things up.
Mascara: 3-6 months Lipstick: 6-18 months Skin Care Routine: 1-2 times