Tips To Help Manicures Last Longer

If you have ever wondered about how to make manicure effective and long-lasting, then you are not just alone. After the manicure, you will feel comfortable and great. Lots of people may feel trouble to maintain their beauty from a proper and effective manicure. Whether you love manicure or do your own nails at your home, the most important thing is duration when polish jobs will not make last for longer days. Nail smudging, breaking, and chipping is the true nuisance which is faced by women daily. However, some tips and tricks for long-term manicure are given below:

1) Apply basecoat on the Nail tips

The tips of nails are likely to chip because of daily routine activities like typing and using your mobile phone. So, if you give nail tips the extra protection with 2-coats of a base coat, then it will be beneficial for you.

2) Never push dry cuticles back:

Another best way to make your manicure long-lasting is to avoid pushing back the dry nail cuticles. It is very important because it can cause nail polish at nail base to crack. If your polish cracked, then it will begin to chip. In this way, your manicure will be ruined. It is a better idea to apply some softening cream on your nails. With the help of orangewood stick, the cuticles should be nudged back.

3) Clean the surface very well:

One of the best ideas to prolong the time period of manicure is to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean. If you found any traces of the enamel, moisture to dust, then it will prevent the process of adhesion of new polish.

4)  Have proper shape:

It is very important to shape your nails properly. Shaping will give perfect strength. It is a better idea to leave the corners square if you going to round the tips of your nails. Instead of clipping, filing will be a healthier and appropriate method.

The main issue with clipping is that clipping may crack your nail plate. It is better to use the nail file which offers you fine grit. Nails should be properly filed in unidirectional. It is so because, if you file your nail in back and forth position, then it will cause the keratin layers of your nail to peel-away.

5) Use nail oil:

It is very important to apply nail oil daily. It will help you to keep your nail from drying out. If your nails and cuticles are dry, then there will be more chance that the nails are break, tear or chip. So, if you secure your manicure, then properly care about your nail.

6) Protect your nails while washing dishes:

If you submerge your nail in chemicals, cleaners or in hot water, then quicker you ruin your manicure. So, it is important that when you are in cleaning mode then product your nails by wearing protective gloves. It is the best way to make your manicure last longer

These are some healthy and simple tips that you should use for your long-lasting Manicure.