Questions to Ask Before Getting A Pedicure and Manicure at Nail Salon

A manicure and pedicure are an excellent way to feel amazed and pampered. In Nail Salon, people assumed that they are receiving 100% safe and secure sanitary services that are performed by manicurists and pedicurists. But in truth, it is not always a case. It may surprise you that not each country the globe does not require any technician to be licensed.

The first question is to make sure the service you want can be done in the time scheduled for the appointment. If you want nail art make sure they are experienced with stamping.

1) Ask about their qualification:

As a customer, you should ask to see their qualification from an accredited or well-recognized institution.

2) Ask about Accredited course they qualified:

Accredited courses that cover some important aspects are:

  • Anatomy about nails treatment
  • Disease and disorders
  • Proper sanitation
  • Understanding the science of the practical application of gel and acrylic enhancement

These are accredited course that is required for providing better services are Nail Salon.

3) Tell your technician about your medical history:

People never realized that if they are taking a brief of their medical history before an appointment, can be safe for their vitality.  If you are diabetic, then the whole nail services must be altered. If you are allergic to the gel or acrylic, then proper care should be taken by your technician.

4) Ask about Sanitation procedures:

Any qualified and professional salon will always happy to work you around. You should go in detail and ask about the sanitation requirement. Well-professional Nail Salons always follow the requirements of sanitation very well and give you 100% secure and safe services.

5) Ask about Products they use:

Do any of the beauty product in their services consist of any banned ingredients? Many cosmetic ingredients that are banned in the country should not present in cosmetic accessories. There are a lot of really good name brands the big corporate names that are very popular are not the best products. Young Nails is very popular with experienced industry people and the product is always high quality. 

6) How disinfect foot bath?

Another question that you should ask Nail salon technician that how they disinfect foot bath? It can be very serious as people many got lots of terrible infections to form unhygienic and unsanitary conditions. If you are in doubt, then purchase your own footbath liner which can easily fit inside footbath. It will ensure that your feet would not touch any unhygienic and unclean surfaces.

7) Disposable buffers and files:

Ask your technician about dispose of buffers and files. It is because nail files are full of bacteria. It should be properly disposed of after every customer. According to the health regulations law, buffers and files should be properly disposed of properly after one use it.


In conclusion, the Article “Questions to Ask Before Getting A Pedicure and Manicure at Nail Salon: is not to scare any individual from getting their manicure and pedicure. It is just information that is about the safe and secure visit to your best nail salon. However, care of the salon level may costly. With little patience and hard work, you can easily get the best salon style nails at your home without any health concern. Ask the right question at right time without being confused so that you never face any dreadful situations later.