5 Secrets Nail Salon’s Wont Tell You

Getting the pedicure and manicure is more than that of only picking the best color for your nail polish. The salon industry is the most one of the most popular and multi-billion-dollar industry. Some Nail Salons are well equipped and deliver excellent customer services while some search ways to cut the corners which could be dangerous and hazardous to health. Whether you are using salon regularly and treat oneself to manicure and pedicure for the special occasion, there is a lot of things that you don’t know regarding Nail Salon. Read on to learn about how to save your money at Nail Salon because your nails are an important part of your life.

1) Hidden fees:

Let’s begin with the one important but dangerous secret. Manicurists charge different fees depending on the services they provided. Like they charge for nail strengthener, polish and base coat separately. 

To save yourself from these hidden secrets, try to start a conversation with manicurists. If you are not sure about activities perform by a manicurist, then ask his/her before they start. You have the right to refuse products and services that are not needed by you.

2) Infection problems:

You may read some horror stories of those people who get some terrible infection from unsterilized tools at the Nail Salons. The problem is that only a few Nail salon disinfects equipment with auto-claves which is a specific device which makes the equipment safe and sanitary, without any chemical effect. But due to cost-prohibitive, Nail Salons rarely purchase Auto-claves. Manicurists use UV lightboxes or chemicals to sterilize their equipment that can cause severe infection problems. Be sure to investigate and ask manicurist how they disinfect the equipment before starting the procedure. Lots of salons will allow the customers to bring their tools that feel awkward but help you to prevent from all kind of painful infection.

3) The salon may be toxic:

Nail technician in Nail Salon usually wears face masks because they are breathing some toxic fumes which can lead to many health problems. They might get headaches and feel nauseous in the short term and in long term faces problem of serious issues like reproductive health issues. There should be proper ventilation so that you safe from serious health problems. The best way to withdraw this problem is to patron the salon which only uses 5-free and 3-free products.

4) Never Shave your Calluses:

Calluses are not attractive things on your body. They are painful. But the calluses are helpful to protect your skin. If pedicurists ask you to shave your calluses, then decline the offer. Always remember that pumice stones are notoriously hard to disinfect so never used stone to shave calluses.

5) Dipping your nails is not a good idea:

The main issue with dipping nails is that the nail paint is used by other clients too. When someone dips his or her nails into the powder, your nails may expose nails and hands to bacteria that was left behind by other clients. Cross-contamination causes when pouring powered on nails and let residue to fall back into the container.