How to Choose a Nail Salon

Choosing the right nail Salon takes times and little research. Before spending your time and money, you should ensure that it is a best and well-recognized salon. The reputable salon is the salon that scores very well on some criteria. Here are some factors that should consider while looking for the best and right quality […]

Nail Salon Terminology

Do you know the huge difference between pedicure and manicure? What do you know about lunula from cuticles? So, it’s time to learn. We are here to tell you about important and informative nail terminology which can leave confusion feelings. We hope this Nail Salon Terminology Guide will help you a lot and gives you […]

Tips To Help Manicures Last Longer

If you have ever wondered about how to make manicure effective and long-lasting, then you are not just alone. After the manicure, you will feel comfortable and great. Lots of people may feel trouble to maintain their beauty from a proper and effective manicure. Whether you love manicure or do your own nails at your […]

5 Secrets Nail Salon’s Wont Tell You

Getting the pedicure and manicure is more than that of only picking the best color for your nail polish. The salon industry is the most one of the most popular and multi-billion-dollar industry. Some Nail Salons are well equipped and deliver excellent customer services while some search ways to cut the corners which could be […]