Questions to Ask Before Getting A Pedicure and Manicure at Nail Salon

A manicure and pedicure are an excellent way to feel amazed and pampered. In Nail Salon, people assumed that they are receiving 100% safe and secure sanitary services that are performed by manicurists and pedicurists. But in truth, it is not always a case. It may surprise you that not each country the globe does not require any technician to be licensed.

The first question is to make sure the service you want can be done in the time scheduled for the appointment. If you want nail art make sure they are experienced with stamping.

1) Ask about their qualification:

As a customer, you should ask to see their qualification from an accredited or well-recognized institution.

2) Ask about Accredited course they qualified:

Accredited courses that cover some important aspects are:

  • Anatomy about nails treatment
  • Disease and disorders
  • Proper sanitation
  • Understanding the science of the practical application of gel and acrylic enhancement

These are accredited course that is required for providing better services are Nail Salon.

3) Tell your technician about your medical history:

People never realized that if they are taking a brief of their medical history before an appointment, can be safe for their vitality.  If you are diabetic, then the whole nail services must be altered. If you are allergic to the gel or acrylic, then proper care should be taken by your technician.

4) Ask about Sanitation procedures:

Any qualified and professional salon will always happy to work you around. You should go in detail and ask about the sanitation requirement. Well-professional Nail Salons always follow the requirements of sanitation very well and give you 100% secure and safe services.

5) Ask about Products they use:

Do any of the beauty product in their services consist of any banned ingredients? Many cosmetic ingredients that are banned in the country should not present in cosmetic accessories. There are a lot of really good name brands the big corporate names that are very popular are not the best products. Young Nails is very popular with experienced industry people and the product is always high quality. 

6) How disinfect foot bath?

Another question that you should ask Nail salon technician that how they disinfect foot bath? It can be very serious as people many got lots of terrible infections to form unhygienic and unsanitary conditions. If you are in doubt, then purchase your own footbath liner which can easily fit inside footbath. It will ensure that your feet would not touch any unhygienic and unclean surfaces.

7) Disposable buffers and files:

Ask your technician about dispose of buffers and files. It is because nail files are full of bacteria. It should be properly disposed of after every customer. According to the health regulations law, buffers and files should be properly disposed of properly after one use it.


In conclusion, the Article “Questions to Ask Before Getting A Pedicure and Manicure at Nail Salon: is not to scare any individual from getting their manicure and pedicure. It is just information that is about the safe and secure visit to your best nail salon. However, care of the salon level may costly. With little patience and hard work, you can easily get the best salon style nails at your home without any health concern. Ask the right question at right time without being confused so that you never face any dreadful situations later.

How to Choose a Nail Salon

Choosing the right nail Salon takes times and little research. Before spending your time and money, you should ensure that it is a best and well-recognized salon. The reputable salon is the salon that scores very well on some criteria. Here are some factors that should consider while looking for the best and right quality nail salon near you.

a) Proper Ventilation

The fumes from acrylics, nail polish at the salon have hard odors. The best Nail Salons offers you a normal odor environment because they offer you a proper ventilation system. The proper ventilation system will ensure you that the toxic and hazardous chemicals from different beauty products are not staying around while you are in their salons.

b) Sanitary environment

Salons usually host many customers daily. Salon uses the same equipment on every individual. Always make sure that they cleaned their equipment after every customer appointment so that you can protect from any fungal and bacterial infection.

c) Pricing

Some Nail Salons offers all-inclusive prices. While some Salons chargers per items. Always make sure that what kind of services you have been charged by the beauty salon. Always asks what the price of services is so that you get knowledge about your budget and services charges.

d) Services available

Some salons offer you basic pedicure and manicure. While some offer you more upgrading services. These salons provide more amenities and pampering with their services. You will find the huge services option for your nail’s treatment like gel nails, acrylics, paraffin treatments, etc. Always choose the salons that offer you the services needed by you.

e) Nail technician’s knowledge:

Getting the perfect nails done is more than painting your nails. There is a need for proper care after getting your nail. If you are looking for the best nails, then good technicians will offer you tips and proper maintenance strategy.

f) Customer services:

The customer services are another important factor that should consider while looking for the best Nail Salons. The salon that pleasantly welcomes you and has a better experience with manicure and pedicure give you wonderful experience. Good customer services will always attract customers and they become loyal with the Beauty salons.

g) Insured and Licensed:

In every state of the world, all nail technicians should have a license. The licenses are required always to display along with photography where your customer can easily view your salons. Keep looking at other Nail Salon when you walk into any salon and unable to see the indication of licensing.

h) Reviews and References:

The other main factor of searching the best nail salon is reviews of other people after true experience. The reputable site always displays all reviews to their customer, either negative or positive, and get the true customer based on these experiences.

Where do your family, coworkers, and friends so to nails done? If you are looking someone with nice -looking nails, then ask them where they go for nail done. 

Check online and look for salons with more than 30 reviews. Yelp likes to filter reviews but if you find a salon with over a dozen filtered reviews in this industry particularly that means the salon has a lot of happy customers that generally don’t leave reviews but left one because the salon asked them. It’s against Yelps terms of service but it doesn’t make the review any less valid.  Google is the other place to look. Using google maps for salons with over 30 reviews generally you want to focus on 4 plus stars. Under four stars is a sign there is a problem. Also watch out for salons with five stars. It’s not realistic for a salon to never get a negative review. Most salons get at least one negative review from a local competitor.  It’s a shady practice but if they don’t have one hate review from the competition that’s a sign they aren’t doing something right. Look for negative reviews that list dirty or unclean conditions or customer service issues. It’s common in the industry to find salons that just don’t care. The high volume salons have no interest in customer service and they won’t listen when you go in and explain what design you desire. If the design takes too long or the technician isn’t experienced in that design they will disregard your request and give you something you don’t want. Also know that some services take longer than others if a technician tells you that the appointment is too short have a talk about complicated services before coming in for an appointment so you don’t leave disappointed. Technicians that are experienced with stamping can get you fancy intricate designs in a short amount of time and they generally look amazing compared to hand painted designs that depend on artistic ability and take a long time which you will end up being charged for.


By using amazing tips, you will easily find the best Nail Salons that can match your needs. If you visit the salon that gives you uneasy feelings, then many other salons give you better feelings.

Nail Salon Terminology

Do you know the huge difference between pedicure and manicure? What do you know about lunula from cuticles? So, it’s time to learn. We are here to tell you about important and informative nail terminology which can leave confusion feelings. We hope this Nail Salon Terminology Guide will help you a lot and gives you the confidence to go to any nail salons. So, just gets started:

1) Manicure

Manicure is the procedure refers to the painting of your fingernails. It starts with hand treatment. After that shaping of nails and removal of cuticles are done. It is finally finished with the help of top coat and nail polish.

2) Pedicure

Rather than finger, feet are Pedicure by the manicurist. Exfoliating and moisturizing the feet held during the process of the pedicure.

3) Acetone

Acetone is a solvent that is used for removing acrylic nails, gel nails, and nail polish.

4) Fills

Acrylics usually filled after 2-3 weeks after acrylic nail started to grow the real nail base. It is known as fills or acrylic fills.

5) Acrylics

Acrylics form the hard and effective protective layer on your natural nails. It increases the length of your nails. It can be shaped and painted according to your own design.

6) Free-edge

It is your nail part that can extend over your fingertip.

7) Gel light

Gel light is the ultraviolet light which is used to harden and dry the gel nails.

8) Lunula

Lunula is the semi-circle at your nail bottom. It is usually of lighter shade as compared to your nails.

9) Gel nails

Gel nails are the nail accessories that are used by many people to get long-lasting and stylish glossy polish. The gel is applied just like normal nail paint. Each layer of topcoat and polish is cured under ultraviolet light.

10) Airbrushing

Airbrushing is an art of applying adorable decoration to your nails with the help of airbrush gun.

11) Nail bed

The nail bed is the path of your body under your toes and nails.

12) Cuticle

Just below the lunula, the small skin part is known as the cuticle. The path is around the base of your fingernails and toenails. It removes during pedicure or manicure.

13) Nail enamel

Nail enamel is another phrase used for nail polish.

14) Nail tips:

Nail tips are the artificial plastic nail that increases the length of your nail tips. On tips, these are applied. It is then clipped as well as filed-down, coated with polymer and monomer.

15) Polymer and monomer

By using the brush liquid (monomer) and then power (Polymer) are dipped and applied over women nail tip. The professional manicurists will apply it on your nail until the solution completely blends into your nail. After dried, the manicurist will finish it with polish.

16) Topcoat

The topcoat is clear polish which is applied on the top surface of your nail. It is an effective solution to stop the nails from chipping.

17) Round or square:

It is the first and most important question asked by the manicurists while doing nail treatment. Round or square shaped nail tips are done by the manicurist in Nail Salon.

Tips To Help Manicures Last Longer

If you have ever wondered about how to make manicure effective and long-lasting, then you are not just alone. After the manicure, you will feel comfortable and great. Lots of people may feel trouble to maintain their beauty from a proper and effective manicure. Whether you love manicure or do your own nails at your home, the most important thing is duration when polish jobs will not make last for longer days. Nail smudging, breaking, and chipping is the true nuisance which is faced by women daily. However, some tips and tricks for long-term manicure are given below:

1) Apply basecoat on the Nail tips

The tips of nails are likely to chip because of daily routine activities like typing and using your mobile phone. So, if you give nail tips the extra protection with 2-coats of a base coat, then it will be beneficial for you.

2) Never push dry cuticles back:

Another best way to make your manicure long-lasting is to avoid pushing back the dry nail cuticles. It is very important because it can cause nail polish at nail base to crack. If your polish cracked, then it will begin to chip. In this way, your manicure will be ruined. It is a better idea to apply some softening cream on your nails. With the help of orangewood stick, the cuticles should be nudged back.

3) Clean the surface very well:

One of the best ideas to prolong the time period of manicure is to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean. If you found any traces of the enamel, moisture to dust, then it will prevent the process of adhesion of new polish.

4)  Have proper shape:

It is very important to shape your nails properly. Shaping will give perfect strength. It is a better idea to leave the corners square if you going to round the tips of your nails. Instead of clipping, filing will be a healthier and appropriate method.

The main issue with clipping is that clipping may crack your nail plate. It is better to use the nail file which offers you fine grit. Nails should be properly filed in unidirectional. It is so because, if you file your nail in back and forth position, then it will cause the keratin layers of your nail to peel-away.

5) Use nail oil:

It is very important to apply nail oil daily. It will help you to keep your nail from drying out. If your nails and cuticles are dry, then there will be more chance that the nails are break, tear or chip. So, if you secure your manicure, then properly care about your nail.

6) Protect your nails while washing dishes:

If you submerge your nail in chemicals, cleaners or in hot water, then quicker you ruin your manicure. So, it is important that when you are in cleaning mode then product your nails by wearing protective gloves. It is the best way to make your manicure last longer

These are some healthy and simple tips that you should use for your long-lasting Manicure.

5 Secrets Nail Salon’s Wont Tell You

Getting the pedicure and manicure is more than that of only picking the best color for your nail polish. The salon industry is the most one of the most popular and multi-billion-dollar industry. Some Nail Salons are well equipped and deliver excellent customer services while some search ways to cut the corners which could be dangerous and hazardous to health. Whether you are using salon regularly and treat oneself to manicure and pedicure for the special occasion, there is a lot of things that you don’t know regarding Nail Salon. Read on to learn about how to save your money at Nail Salon because your nails are an important part of your life.

1) Hidden fees:

Let’s begin with the one important but dangerous secret. Manicurists charge different fees depending on the services they provided. Like they charge for nail strengthener, polish and base coat separately. 

To save yourself from these hidden secrets, try to start a conversation with manicurists. If you are not sure about activities perform by a manicurist, then ask his/her before they start. You have the right to refuse products and services that are not needed by you.

2) Infection problems:

You may read some horror stories of those people who get some terrible infection from unsterilized tools at the Nail Salons. The problem is that only a few Nail salon disinfects equipment with auto-claves which is a specific device which makes the equipment safe and sanitary, without any chemical effect. But due to cost-prohibitive, Nail Salons rarely purchase Auto-claves. Manicurists use UV lightboxes or chemicals to sterilize their equipment that can cause severe infection problems. Be sure to investigate and ask manicurist how they disinfect the equipment before starting the procedure. Lots of salons will allow the customers to bring their tools that feel awkward but help you to prevent from all kind of painful infection.

3) The salon may be toxic:

Nail technician in Nail Salon usually wears face masks because they are breathing some toxic fumes which can lead to many health problems. They might get headaches and feel nauseous in the short term and in long term faces problem of serious issues like reproductive health issues. There should be proper ventilation so that you safe from serious health problems. The best way to withdraw this problem is to patron the salon which only uses 5-free and 3-free products.

4) Never Shave your Calluses:

Calluses are not attractive things on your body. They are painful. But the calluses are helpful to protect your skin. If pedicurists ask you to shave your calluses, then decline the offer. Always remember that pumice stones are notoriously hard to disinfect so never used stone to shave calluses.

5) Dipping your nails is not a good idea:

The main issue with dipping nails is that the nail paint is used by other clients too. When someone dips his or her nails into the powder, your nails may expose nails and hands to bacteria that was left behind by other clients. Cross-contamination causes when pouring powered on nails and let residue to fall back into the container.